About us

Welcome to Silk Road Cafe, the only place in Hawaii where you can find the unique flavors of central Eurasia’s Uzbekistan!


To share our country’s most exotic and colorful dishes with the locals and tourists of Hawaii, we opened Silk Road Cafe on February 21st of 2017 in the historic Arcade Building in the heart of downtown Honolulu.


Our inspiration came from the ancient Silk Road, the still-existing trade network that spans from China all the way across Eurasia to the Mediterranean. Naturally, this trade network brought many foreign influences – such as Persian, Indian, Chinese, and Turkish – to Uzbek cooking over a span of hundreds of years, resulting in a unique blend of spices and flavors that Uzbeks living in foreign countries proudly share with locals.


Here at Silk Road Cafe, we handpick fresh local ingredients and combine them with imported spices to use in our home-style cooking. Every dish on our menu is handmade right in our kitchen and our pastries and breads baked fresh every morning. 


Come and see what’s cooking in our kitchen, and grab your next lunch or dinner takeaway made with fresh ingredients and love.